High Voltage Test Equipment - Consulting, Design and Repair

Repair and Maintenance of old test equipment

Over the last few years, I found that many people had difficulties getting the
necessary service for their older test equipment.  I will help you with servicing
your older or new devices if the original manufacturer can not. I have extensive
knowledge of analog, digital and computer electronics. I can perform board level
repairs as well as re-engineer and find a replacement for parts that are no longer
available. I already repaired test equipment from Haefely, Tettex and Biddle

Consulting and Training

I have in-depth knowledge of high voltage and high frequency design and a lot of
experience with partial discharge and lightning impulse testing. I can help you
with designing and optimizing high voltage test fields and the grounding as well as
trouble-shooting noise and other interference. In addition, I also designed
shielded test rooms (Faraday cages) for high voltage testing. Furthermore, I can
provide basic and in-depth training courses to help you understand the related HV
phenomena and improve your products.
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Design of Test Equipment

and other electronic products. My knowledge of high voltage engineering and
analog, digital and computer electronics can be put to the test. I can design for you
electronic devices, preferable with high voltage and high frequencies involved.

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