High Voltage Test Equipment - Consulting, Design and Repair

Training Courses - Examples

- Partial Discharges - Introduction and Explanation of Types
- Partial Discharge Measurement - Setup and Methods
- Partial Discharge Measurement - Interpretation of Results
- Partial Discharge Measurement - Avoiding Errors and Noise
- Partial Discharge Location in Power Cables - On-Line and Off-Line
- Partial Discharge Measurement with a Spectrum Analyzer

- Power Factor / Tan Delta - Introduction and Physics
- Power Factor / Tan Delta  Measurement - Setup and Methods
- Power Factor / Tan Delta  Measurement - Avoiding Errors

- Impulse Testing - Introduction
- Impulse Testing - Optimizing Setup, Tail-Time Extension Resistors and Glaninger Circuit
- Impulse Testing - Avoiding Errors and Noise in the Test Layout
- Impulse Testing - Interpretation of Results

Training courses are tailored to your requirements and skill level. The courses listed here
are only examples and not a standard course work. Other topics are also available. Please
contact us to discuss your needs.

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