High Voltage Test Equipment - Consulting, Design and Repair

While providing services in the High Voltage(HV) testing industry, Mr. Dirk Russwurm found that
many people had difficulties getting the necessary service for their older equipment.  Thus, in
2003, Mr. Dirk Russwurm founded the company “Specialty Instrument Service”  to meet the needs
of the HV testing community and also to continue to provide the best service which his customers
have always received.    

Mr. Dirk Russwurm is an expert in the HV testing field.  As an active member of the IEEE standards
working group, he is well known within the HV testing industry for his expertise in Partial
Discharge(PD) and Impulse testing.  
In addition to his engineering knowledge of the high voltage field, he has in-depth knowledge of
analog, digital and computer electronics.  This enables him to repair electronics at board level.  He
can also re-engineer and find replacement for parts that are no longer available.  If you or your
equipment are experiencing a problem, let him know and he might be able to help you when
nobody else will.    

Not only does Mr. Dirk Russwurm repair your older HV testing equipment, he also provides
consulting service on test generators, PD detectors, impulse scopes and more.  He can also design
new test equipment and integrate it to complex test systems.  On-site training courses on High
Voltage, Partial Discharge and impulse testing are also provided.

Mr. Dirk Russwurm holds the degree of “Diplom-Ingenieur” (equivalent to a Masters degree) in
Electrical Engineering from the
University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, with a focus in High
Voltage and High Power Engineering. He is also a professional Electro-mechanic and has extensive
knowledge of analog, digital and computer electronics.

Before founding “Specialty Instrument Service”, he worked as a service engineer for
Technologies in the USA from 1999 until 2003. From 1991 until 1999 he designed and serviced
high voltage test instruments for
Lemke Diagnostics in Germany.

Mr. Russwurm is a member of the

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